Boat is a utilitarian and administration assistant for Discord. It's a bot that was built to be highly configurable, and allow server admins to modify functionality based on the requirements of individual servers. The freely hosted version of Boat is public and can be invited to your server from

Use Cases

Small community servers

Boat can be easily configured based on different servers needs, no matter how big or how small.

Outpost - Small server with >200 members

Boat helps to prevent spam, have moderaiton logs and eliminate rule breakers. Using Boat's features can take a huge burden off the server moderators when they are not around to watch the server. It makes it alot easier to focus on their real life activities without having to worry about their Discord server.

User Testomonials

Majorpain0600 - Hypesquad member, Server Owner & Community Moderator

Boat is a great bot that can be used for anything you need, moderation, server setup, etc. The bot has helped me manage all the servers I use.

Techy - Hypesquad member, Nitro subscriber, Server Owner & Community Moderator

Boat is an amazing utilitarian & moderation bot. It helps my staff team maintain a safe and secure environment for my community server.

Blender - Hypesquad member & Community Moderator

Boat allows for easy logging and server administration and moderation; it plays an important role in any discord community and is one of the most responsive bots out there.


  • Administration
    • Banning, kicking & muting
    • Track infractions per users with different reasons & moderator memory
    • Chat cleaning
    • Granular role management
    • Invite watch
    • Voice logs
  • Mod Log
    • Granular logging of events
    • Ability to exclude certain parts of modlogs
    • Highlights newly created accounts
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