About Boat
A fast and easy way to manage your Discord server
Our mission is to allow every server, no matter big or small to be able to moderate and scale with ease.

Boat, fully controlled in Discord

Boat is a fast and easy to use bot and its super simple to get started. Since its start in March 2020, we have added over 60 commands for you to use, This ranges from music to moderation. We have all of it!

Help Boat out for free!

Maximum Customizability

Boat is very customizable with a server and user settings section to make sure you are in control. Go to Settings to find our more.

Privacy is our #1 priority

Boat is used in over 600 servers and started in March of 2020. We have cached around 400,000 users and that number is growing right now! Every single bit of data we keep is listed in the Privacy Policy. Your data is secure and not even the developers look at your data. Privacy is a big deal and we get that so you can delete, remove and export your data at any point.

Uptime is necessary to Boat

Although Boat collects alot of data we also strive to keep that secure and our uptime at a max. You can view Boat's status over at our status page.

Need support or help?

We have on-hand support in our server almost all the time, come join our discord server at https://discord.gg/69CdUcV

User Testimonials

Majorpain0600 - Community Moderator, Server Owner and Hypesquad Member

Boat is a great bot that can be used for anything you need, moderation, server setup, etc. The bot has helped me manage all the servers I use. It’s much faster, better and efficient than other servers with its fast logging and easy access/setup. Defiantly recommend this bot.

Blender - Community Moderator and Hypesquad Member

Boat allows for easy logging and server administration and moderation; it plays an important role in any discord community and is one of the most responsive bots out there.

Marino - Community Manager, Nitro Subscriber, Hypesquad Member

I am extremely surprised how successful Boat is. It's got a nice branding, really kind owner, and overall, the community is awesome.

Techy - Community Manager, Bot Developer, Nitro Subscriber and Hypesquad Member

Boat is an amazing bot for my server, and allows me to see in-depth server metrics, along with other features that help engage my community. Additionally, I really enjoy using the stats command to get an in-dept view of my servers performance. It's also super user friendly!
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